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The finest germicidal detergent ever manufactured, Sanit-n-Kleen is also virucidal, fungicidal, bactericidal, and mildewstatic. There is no reason to use any other product. No other product can deliver Sanit-n-Kleen's concentration, versatility, and cost effectiveness.

Sanit-n-Kleen is neutral pH and environmentally pleasantly scented, making it the ideal hard surface disinfectant, cleaner, and deodorizer. And imagine-in one step only! Sanit-n-Kleen is not a masking agent. It destroys and eliminates all odors.

Sanit-n-Kleen has been proven effective on nearly 50 organisms; i.e. viruses, molds, and bacteria. It is recommended for use in animal hospitals, life science labs, kennels, zoos, pet shops, as well as breeding and grooming establishments. Because Sanit-n-Kleen is neutral pH it is fantastic on floors, walls, metal surfaces, operating tables, kennel runs, cages, sinks, and feeding and watering equipment.

ONE GALLON of Sanit-n-Kleen makes 128 gallons of hard-working parvocidal solution. This is the finest product manufactured today. We solve your problems with our solutions!

Keep away from children - See material Safety Data Sheet for detailed directions.

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